Maintenance Of Pure Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets


Many modern families choose stainless steel as their ma […]

Many modern families choose stainless steel as their main choice when choosing kitchen cabinets. After all, stainless steel kitchen cabinets are absolutely environmentally friendly and easy to clean, but everyone should also pay attention that the use of stainless steel kitchen cabinets also requires maintenance, after all, it also has disadvantages. As long as it is well maintained, it can be used longer. Let ’s take a look below, which ones to pay attention to!

1. Keep away from sharp objects

Many stainless steel kitchen countertops are made of 304, which is a food-grade steel. The thickness is basically 1.0, although it will not rust, but its surface is smooth and 304 is relatively tough. If it is rubbed with a sharp body, it is easy to produce scratches or cause bumps, which affects the appearance of the kitchen cabinet.

2, ensure dry

Kitchen cabinet cabinet body should always try to keep the kitchen cabinet dry. After each cleaning, use a dry rag to clean it, and then use a rag to clean the water in the kitchen cabinet sink. Stainless steel door panels now have a lot of colors to choose from. Modeling door panels have become popular. It is very easy and simple to take care of them. One hundred clean cloth can be scrubbed lightly. After all, hygiene is also a daily maintenance of kitchen cabinets.

3, avoid high temperature

Stainless steel countertops should not have oil pans or oil basins above 100 degrees placed directly on top. The surface temperature is very high and there is an expansion coefficient between the countertop and the liner. After all, stainless steel kitchen cabinets can tolerate a certain temperature, but they can't stand the high temperature. If you place a high temperature pot on the kitchen cabinet for a long time, it will have an impact.

4, do not use strong acid and alkali solution

Strong acids and alkalis are lethal to anything. Although stainless steel has better oxidation resistance than ordinary metals, it is still fatal to encounter strong acids and alkalis.

5, clear the dead ends

Microwave ovens, induction cookers and other heavy objects are placed on the kitchen cabinet. The piled up areas will cause sanitary dead corners, which will be difficult to clean up, which is unsanitary.

Tips: Stainless steel kitchen cabinets are not difficult to maintain. As long as you pay more attention to your daily life, don't put hot or heavy things on the kitchen cabinets. If you want to ensure the gloss of stainless steel kitchen cabinets, you can also use some care agents.

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