Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Teach You How To Easily Unload Faucet Filter


If the faucet is small, the filter can be removed to se […]

If the faucet is small, the filter can be removed to see if it is blocked, but many people do not know how to remove the faucet filter and clean it. Today,  kitchen faucets manufacturers   teach you how to easily unload the faucet filter?

There is a round metal head on the outlet of the faucet, which can be unscrewed. Follow the taps of different specifications and try them one by one.

Method 1: The faucet with a bayonet on the surface can be used with an adjustable wrench and pulled counterclockwise;

Method 2: The surface is smooth and there is no bayonet. It can be unscrewed by hand counterclockwise.

When using a wrench, be careful not to make it too strong, so as not to break the faucet, pay attention to the use of skill. After unscrewing, the filter can be taken out and cleaned. The method of cleaning the filter is described below.

The faucet filter is filled with small particles such as stones. When you pour them out, you will find that there are still dirty things. At this time, we can do this.

After the filter is removed, it is soaked in white vinegar for five or six hours, using the chemical properties of the acid to dissolve the impurities and dirt, and then wipe with a rag. It should be noted that the faucet filter should be cleaned once every two or three months. The owner who is too troublesome to clean down can occasionally steal a lazy, try to use a plastic bag filled with white vinegar on the faucet, soak the water outlet with white vinegar for one night, and also solve the problem of small water from the faucet.