Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Teach You How To Choose A Kitchen Faucet


There are a lot of important small things in the kitche […]

There are a lot of important small things in the kitchen, such as sinks, faucets, sockets, etc., which all form the unique style of the kitchen, then the following kitchen faucets manufacturers talk about the selection of kitchen faucets.


The first consideration is the material problem. Due to the long history of the development of the faucet, the materials are also diverse, such as copper and stainless steel.


1. Copper material:

Copper is used as the main material, and copper contains copper ions to prevent bacteria from growing inside the faucet. However, the copper will be patina, and if the surface treatment is not good, the plating may be peeled off after a long time. But copper is also the material of the mainstream faucet.


2. Stainless steel material:

Stainless steel faucets are also common, especially in the kitchen faucet sector. This kind of faucet must use SUS304 stainless steel. The advantage is that it is lead-free and rust-free, but it also needs maintenance. Always wipe it and keep it dry. Besides, due to the difficulty in processing stainless steel, the price is higher than that of copper faucets, and there is no change in copper faucet on the exterior.


In addition to the choice of materials need to study carefully, as well as the accessories of the kitchen faucet is also very important, let's take a look at the common accessories.


1. Bubbler: Its function is to make the water feel soft to the touch, to save water and prevent splashing.

2. Surface treatment: Most of them will be treated with chrome plating. Good treatment will make the surface of the faucet as bright as a mirror. It will be difficult to scratch when used for a long time. Poor treatment will make the surface uneven, sometimes with traces of welding, resulting in white. Point or yellow spots, resulting in peeling.

3. Spool: This accessory is the core component of the faucet, so it needs a good choice, generally there are plastic core, ceramic valve core, stainless steel valve core, copper valve core and so on.

4. Inlet pipe: Its function is that if there is a filter gasket, it can filter out a part of water impurities, effectively protect the inlet pipe and extend the service life of the faucet.