Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Introduce How To Deal With The Sudden Situation Of The Tap


Have you ever encountered, the faucet has been used for […]

Have you ever encountered, the faucet has been used for a long time, so the faucet is corroded, and then cut off halfway in the pipeline, so how can we handle it properly, the following kitchen faucets manufacturers come Share the steps of the process.


The first method is that the old method is to first cut a small gap with a hacksaw blade, then use a screwdriver to pick up the sawed pieces, take them out, and then use the chisel to chisel the remaining pieces together, in a closed state. Or you can take out the rest if you narrow it.


However, this method should control the strength and angle. When the hacksaw blade is sawed, it should not be too deep. If you accidentally cut the thread of the water pipe, install a new faucet to ensure that it will not leak water.


Secondly, there is a similar but not very worry-free way. Use needle-nose pliers to pick up a small cement nail, and then use a nail hammer to nail the cement nail into the seam. The hand force is lighter, and it is carried out several times. Be careful. The thread can be used.


Finally, with the development of technology, a machine called broken wire extractor has appeared. It is gentler and simpler than steel saw blades and nails. According to different water pipe diameters, broken wire extractors are also divided into different specifications. It is also very convenient to use.


According to the diameter of the water pipe, select the corresponding broken wire extractor and insert it into the broken water pipe. The wrench clamps one end of the extractor and can be taken out by turning 2-3 turns counterclockwise. Is it better than the first two ways? It's simple and easy, and you don't have to worry about breaking the thread inside the tee.