Installation Operation Of Stainless Steel Sink In Kitchen


Preliminary preparations for the installation of stainl […]

Preliminary preparations for the installation of stainless steel sinks in the kitchen:


Generally, the installation of the sink is after the cabinet installation is completed. The main purpose of this is to prevent damage after installation:


① First, open the package, take out the sink body and drainage assembly, and check whether the accessories are correct and complete.


② Take out the sink and make holes on the countertop according to the opening template included in the box. Check whether the muffler block is de-glued, and reattach it if necessary.


③ Check the faucet for cracks and missing, misaligned, and damaged seals on both ends of the connecting pipe to avoid water leakage after installation.


Matters needing attention when installing stainless steel sink in the kitchen:


1. The sink drain must be left in the sink cabinet. Install the angle valve before installing the sink. In order to avoid damaging the external surface of the faucet during the installation of the faucet, the faucet cover or faucet plastic bag should be placed on the faucet to perform the faucet installation operation.


2. When connecting the hot and cold water pipes, facing the faucet, the left end is connected to the hot water pipe, and the right end is connected to the cold water pipe.


3. When installing the corrugated pipe and braided pipe, we must pay attention to the tightening force. If it is too large, it will damage the thread. If it is too small, it may leak because of the seal.


Installation steps of kitchen stainless steel sink:


 Step 1: The kitchen must have a stainless steel sink installation place. When purchasing a stainless steel sink in the kitchen, pay attention to its size to avoid having to change it again.


Step 2: Check whether the accessories of the stainless steel sink are complete.


 Step 3: First install the faucet, put the gasket on, and tighten the knob to prevent the faucet from loosening.


Step 4: Tighten the two inlet braided pipes in place.


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