How To Remove Stains From China Stainless Steel Sink China Stainless Steel Sink?


As people's living standards improve, the requirements […]

As people's living standards improve, the requirements for environmental protection are becoming more and more intense, so many people choose environmentally friendly products. The first thing to do is stainless steel because it has no formaldehyde and no additives.So people will use stainless steel products as their first choice, although many people will choose stainless steel products but will still considerIn the future, clean up the problem, then take the China Stainless Steel Sink  as an example. Xiaobian will share how to properly clean up the stains.

There are many ways to remove water stains from stainless steel sinks. Today, share 5 common and effective methods.

1. Overnight tea cleaning method: Sprinkle some overnight tea leaves in the sink, use the old toothbrush to rub the tea leaves repeatedly to brush the water stains, and quickly remove the water stains.

2. Scrub cleaning method: Vegetable scraps, such as celery root, radish mustard, onion skin, etc. can be used to wipe water stains, which is convenient for saving silver.

3. Loofah  cleaning method: Sprinkle some cooking wine on the loofah, repeatedly wipe the water stains, not only the water stains are gone, but the stainless steel sink is bright.

4. Peel cleaning method: use the peeled peeled peel of grapefruit peel, apple peel, etc. to clean, use the part of the pulp to wipe the water stain repeatedly, save trouble, effective and aromatic.

5. Tin foil cleaning method: You may not know that tin foil paper can also remove stains from stainless steel sinks. I believe that many friends will throw away the tin foil paper after using the tin foil paper, but it is estimated that many friends have not thought that the foil paper can also be used to remove the oil stain of the sink, so that you can really do more.