How To Choose A Variety Of Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Styles?


It is very important to choose a stainless steel sink t […]

It is very important to choose a stainless steel sink that is beautiful, good performance and easy to clean. It is very important to build a comfortable and warm kitchen. There are many styles of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets . When choosing, you should combine your own decoration style and kitchen habits to choose the most suitable sink. The main shape of the sink is beautiful and practical. It is suitable for your operating habits in terms of depth and cleaning volume. The convenience of the kitchen operation.

1, size

The width of the sink is basically determined by the width of the countertop. Generally, the width of the countertop is reduced by 10CM, which is generally 43-50CM. The depth of the sink is 18CMyishan, which can be splashed with water. The edge of the stainless steel sink should not be convex or warped, and the error degree is less than 0.1MM. The inner corner of the sink should be close to 90 degrees. The large diameter of the drain, stainless steel, with the cage is better, it is best to have a controlled water function.

2, style

Single groove: It is suitable for use on I type and L type cabinets. It is generally a small space kitchen. Some single-slot products can be used as a single tank or as a double tank after being equipped with a shelf and a drain basket. It is sometimes more convenient to clean the large tableware. Many single tanks have matching cutting boards, which can directly complete a series of processes of washing vegetables and cutting vegetables on the water tank, saving time, labor and space.

Double Slot: The most common sink style, almost 80% of households will use this type of product. The double-slots are medium in size, can be washed while washing, and sometimes with draining accessories, which saves time and separates different types of cutlery. However, it is best to pay attention to the size and size of each of the two basins when purchasing. According to your own hand habits and spatial position, choose the most suitable style and size.

Three slots: The size is larger than the ordinary sink, the appearance is fashionable, and it is more matched with the L-shaped and U-shaped cabinets in the large space. Adding a small groove on the basis of the double groove allows the cleaning, draining and other work to be carried out without affecting each other. However, it is sometimes easy to make the size of the three slots smaller, which makes some larger pots and tableware difficult to clean.

Wing groove: The winged sink is more suitable for long countertops. It can be used to drain clean food and tableware on the wing to prevent the water from getting wet. When purchasing, choose a slope with such a groove design, or have a drain hole on it to facilitate cleaning.

Corner groove: the angle of use is varied, novel, atmospheric, and used in islands and open kitchens. If the countertop of the cabinet extends all the way to the bar, you can turn the corner groove in this place. Whether you wash your dishes while cooking, or wash your hands occasionally while dining, you can use it.

Round groove: exquisite appearance, used in the kitchen is more lively than the right angled sink. On the central island of the large kitchen, it is more convenient to wash round tableware. If combined with the high-throw pull-out kitchen faucet, in addition to the cleaning function, it can also play a decorative effect.