How to Buy Stainless Steel Cabinets, Guide to Purchasing Cabinets


With the change of life style and the influence of the […]

With the change of life style and the influence of the spread of foreign kitchen and bathroom culture, the modern household kitchen cabinet is booming all over the mainland and has formed a huge industrial market and become a sunrise industry in China. At the same time, it can be made seamless after processing, so stainless steel cabinets are widely welcomed in the market. However, the choice of stainless steel cabinets needs to pay attention to many aspects, so how to choose a good stainless steel cabinet? Let afa discuss it with you.

1. Looking at the panels, I believe many people think that work is a very important standard to measure the quality of a product. The stainless steel cabinet panels are made of food-grade stainless steel door panels and are also filled with thick aluminum honeycomb. There are anti-fingerprint stainless steel backboards under them, which are tightly covered by 360 degrees.

2. Look at the cabinet. The quality of the cabinet directly affects the quality of the stainless steel cabinet. Stainless steel cabinet: Innovative design of Zouma bolt structure has established a new chapter of the screw-free cabinet body with smooth surface and 360 - degree beauty. The nut embedded in the frame can achieve high-definition installation effect, the metal structure inside the cabinet body is filled, and the firmness and integrity between cabinets are enhanced.

3. Look at environmental protection and see that the selected materials are not environmentally friendly. Whether the harmful substances exceed the standard, etc. The stainless steel cabinet is made of 304 stainless steel without any lining board, with 0 formaldehyde emission and health and environmental protection. The stainless steel cabinet is fire - proof, moisture - proof, ant - proof, bacteria - resistant, and integrated with the water basin.

4. Look at the accessories, the quality of hardware accessories is also an important indicator affecting the quality of stainless steel cabinets. Stainless steel cabinet accessories include hinges, slide rails, functional hardware and connectors. Functional hardware mainly depends on the thickness and thinness of the pole, the thickness and thinness of the coating and the number of layers of the coating. Slide rails can be divided into damping and non - damping. Of course, damping is more expensive. Hinge is the connection between door panel and cabinet body, and it is the most frequently used part in stainless steel cabinet fittings, so the big brand with good quality should be selected.

5. Look at the service. The last point is to look at the after-sales service. General big brand after-sales service is good. As a housewife, do you often cook? Will they be afraid of being smoked by oil or beaten by monotonous pots and pans? But I often look forward to listening to music, enjoying food and spending good time with my family.

How to choose a good stainless steel cabinet will be shared here today. AFA stainless steel kitchen cabinets materials are absolutely environment-friendly and will not have any radiation troubles. In addition, stainless steel cabinets are integrated and seamlessly connected, which can prevent the growth of bacteria, have good fire resistance, heat resistance and oil stain resistance, do not need too much maintenance, and are very convenient to clean without any harmful elements such as formaldehyde, radioactive substances and any radiation.