Handmade Sink Manufacturers Talk About Manual Sink Thickness Issues


The problem of the thickness of the manual sink has alw […]

The problem of the thickness of the manual sink has always been a question that people are talking about. Some people say that it is too thick or too bad. Some people say that it is too thin, so how much thickness is better? handmade sink manufacturers to discuss it.


90% of the manual sinks for exporting foreign trade are 1.2mm thick. There are also some 1.0mm thick, 1.5mm thick which occupies a small part. Note that this thickness is a thickness of the entire sink, that is, the thickness of any part of the sink is this thickness. 1.2mm is a standard thickness of international products, not thick or thin. Too thick to lose the flexibility of stainless steel, too thin will reduce the life of the product, the corresponding problems will also increase.


Thickened panel sinks, the general structure is 3 to 4mm thick panel, 0.8 to 1.1mm basin. So I told you before, in the face of this thickened sink, to distinguish his good or bad, you will measure the thickness of the sink basin, the thicker the better, but the thickest will not exceed 1.2mm To 1.5mm, because the processing of the basin requires welding and bending. Too thick to process. That kind of thickened panel sink is not good. This is also the case.