Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share Manual Sink Related Knowledge


Manual sinks usually have 4 different types of stainles […]

Manual sinks usually have 4 different types of stainless steel: 201 stainless steel (1-1.5% nickel), 202 stainless steel (5% nickel), 304 stainless steel (8% nickel), 316 stainless steel (12% nickel). The nickel content increases in turn, and the material quality increases in this order. In the early manual era, the workshop basically used 201 stainless steel, because the cost is low, and now in order to improve the grade, sus304 stainless steel occupies the status of the manual sink. 316 stainless steel is particularly expensive and is commonly used in medical precision equipment or as a material for implanting stainless steel into the human body.

The hand sink is made of 304 stainless steel, environmentally friendly and lead-free. The thickness of the sink is large, generally above 1 mm. It has a large weight, strong impact resistance and resistance to acid and alkali corrosion.

The thickness of the hand-made water tank is generally relatively thick, generally about 1.3mm-1.5mm. This thickness is convenient for welding, and the thickness is uniform, and there is no phenomenon that the stretching water tank is too thin. It is impossible to reach this thickness by stretching the water tank, because the larger the thickness, the greater the required punching force. If it is 1.2 mm, the 500-ton punching machine will not help. Therefore, from the material point of view, the manual sink will definitely be more wear-resistant.

From the appearance, the hand-made sink is straight up and down, with edges and corners, and the texture is stronger. Today's manual sink surface treatment also has pearl sand or brushed sink, so don't worry about its beauty. However, the straight edge of the straight line has brought us some troubles in cleaning up the residue in the future. Especially at the 90° corner, it is the most difficult to clean. The one-piece drawing sink has rounded corners on most of the edges, and it is more forced to make the under-basin. However, the manual sink can easily make the under-basin and avoid the phenomenon of water seepage on the countertop.

The above information was compiled and shared by Afa handmade sink manufacturers .