Handmade Sink Manufacturers Introduces The Steps Of The Tank Processing Of The Sink


With the increase of customization requirements, the si […]

With the increase of customization requirements, the sink has entered the custom era, and the hydraulic sink has been gradually popularized by people. Then, what steps are needed to customize the sink tank processing? Let's take a look at the handmade sink manufacturers .


Customized stainless steel sinks must be carried out first: the tank body is blanked, and the blanking angle is selected according to the design specifications of the panel.


The whole tank trough body is deepened, and the trough plate after the blanking angle is used adopts the corresponding deep drawing mold. To ensure the yield of the product, as well as to ensure the quality of the drawing and improve the appearance quality of the product, the annealing process can be increased after one drawing, and the annealing temperature is between 1010 ° C and 1060 ° C.


The second drawing of the tank of the home improvement sink will be carried out for a second deep drawing after the deepening of the groove with the edge, and the corresponding mold is used to form the belt edge with a hydraulic press of 4000 kN or more, such as a punching machine. The rib has a groove for the upwardly protruding ribs. The trimming hole of the tank body is formed by the second deep drawing groove, and is formed by a corresponding die, and is punched by a punch having a nominal pressure of 3150 kN or more, and the rib portion is cut off to form a groove body opposite to the outer wall and the horizontal surface. The angle between the two is β, and the center is flushed with a stainless steel tank with a water hole.


The processed panel is placed with a sealing strip on the bottom edge thereof, and then the groove body matched with the processing is placed from the top to the bottom in the center of the panel, and the corresponding mold is used to make the edge of the groove body compact on the panel. The sealing strip can be formed on a hydraulic press with a nominal pressure of 3150KN or more to make a beautiful and durable stainless steel sink.