Handmade Sink Manufacturers Introduce The Characteristics Of Different Sinks


The sink is already kitchen furniture that can't be sep […]

The sink is already kitchen furniture that can't be separated from life. So many people will entangle the kitchen sink with a single basin or a double basin. The handmade sink manufacturers will tell you the characteristics of different sinks.


Single basin in the kitchen sink: The capacity of the single basin sink is large, it is more convenient to clean. Any large kitchen utensils like a pot can be completely put into the sink for cleaning; but the single basin sink can not be used in different areas, if soaked in the sink With the tableware, there is no way to clean other things, and there is a certain inconvenience.


Double sinks in the kitchen sink: The double sink can be used to divide the sink into two areas. It is very convenient and quick to sort and clean. However, due to the small space capacity of the double basin sink, it is difficult to put down the big kitchen utensils such as the pot. It is not convenient to clean.