Four Essential Elements To Consider In Custom Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets


The design and customization of cabinets is the first c […]

The design and customization of cabinets is the first choice for every family. In the custom design of cabinets, there are often many annoyances. I don't know where to start. Afa Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets   manufacturers have arranged some of the four elements that need to be considered in design customization for everyone to provide direction:

First, the material of the door panel is very important

Stainless steel plate, as the name suggests: is a plate that does not rust, but many people do not understand, stainless steel plates are available in many models. For example 201, 202, 304, 316, etc. 201 is in contact with water for too long, or the humidity is too high. After a long time, it will rust. Stainless steel door panel making materials are recommended to choose 304 substrates so that the cost is reasonable, and the second is not rust.

Second, identify the advantages and disadvantages of hardware

Hardware is an important part of the cabinet. According to the nature of the cabinet and the weight of the cabinet itself, many domestic hinges are difficult to meet the quality requirements of the cabinet. Inferior quality rails can not only be opened and pulled free. Due to the uneven force surface in the slide rails, the drawers are not shaken stably. At present, the most famous brand cabinets use imported hinges.

The poor hinges are generally welded by thin iron sheets, which cause the door panels to fall off due to poor bearing capacity. The inferior hinge spring has poor elasticity and no resilience. If it is used for a long time, it will lose its elasticity, so that the cabinet door is not tight. The good hinge is formed by one stamping. The surface is smooth and the coating layer is not easy to rust, stable and firm, and its steel thickness and flexibility. Good corrosion resistance, high base, long arm, free positioning, and no displacement. The cabinet drawers with strong load-bearing capacity are connected by slide rails, and the push-pull is more comfortable.

Third, choose a professional design

Due to the size and shape of the kitchen, the individual's requirements for performance and style are different. The professional design of the kitchen is especially important. From the initial door-to-door measurement to the final plan determination, it is necessary to consider not only the harmony of the overall style but also the rationality of the layout. The unsatisfactory design leads to the inability to install the cabinets.

Ask professional designers to plan the layout of the kitchen according to their actual situation, to determine whether the waterway, circuit, and electrical location are reasonable; whether the height of the cabinet and countertop meets the actual needs of ergonomics and cooks; whether the functional partition of the kitchen can guarantee normal operation requirements. .

Fourth, the service needs strength guarantee

In the purchase of cabinets, the after-sales commitment, and service guarantee for the merchants, consumers often "know it but do not know why", because many of the cabinet accessories can only be seen after the use of quality, many quality hazards are also This is generated. Only when you buy it with confidence, you will use it with confidence.