Design Considerations For Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets


Stainless steel kitchen cabinets have many advantages. […]

Stainless steel kitchen cabinets have many advantages. They are not only healthy and environmentally friendly, but also durable. They are liked by many consumers. So what should you pay attention to when designing a stainless steel kitchen cabinet?   Ningbo AFA Kitchen and Bath Co ,Ltd  explains for you:
1. Try not to stick to the side wall with a set of cookers, and avoid the edges of the pot and the wall conflicting.

2. The protruding side of the door line must be considered on the side of the kitchen cabinet against the wall to avoid the opening and closing of doors, drawers and pull baskets being affected.


3. There should be enough space between the sink and the cooker. It is better to be more than 800, but it should not be too far, so that it can run back and forth during operation.


4. Pay attention to the fair configuration of the accessories. Although the variety of kitchen cabinet accessories is diverse, the accessories suitable for each kitchen are different, which can achieve convenient use and strong functionality.

5. The joints at the corners of the table must have a fair area to avoid the effect of the force to cause fracture.


6. Pay attention to the reserved position of the socket. The socket between the countertop and the hanging cabinet should be far away from the sink. The socket of the refrigerator should be set on the side or upper side of the main wall, as well as the kitchen treasure. Microwave. grease pump. Disinfection cabinet. Oven and more.


  7. The position of the upper and lower water outlets should be no less than 400mm, which is convenient for connecting faucets and kitchen treasures. The height of the water pipes should not exceed 100mm or 200mm, so that when installing the kitchen cabinet, The moving saw is reduced to a minimum. Since the bottom of the kitchen cabinet has adjusting feet, the position of the bottom plate is generally between 100mm and 140mm.


8. Gas pipeline rectification, which needs to be coordinated with the gas company, so that the gas outlet pipe and the air intake supervisor are side by side, try to reduce the area of ​​the pipe's tube plate on the countertop to increase the area of ​​the countertop. Dredging of kitchen cabinet openings.


 9. There are two ways to install the hood pipe: one is to preset the hood pipe inside the ceiling and seal the side opening before laying the tiled ceiling, and calculate the position of the hood outlet, and the second is to settle In the lower part of the ceiling, the ceiling cabinet is used to cover after the ceiling cabinet is installed. The condition of adopting this form is that the distance between the air duct opening and the main wall should not exceed 300mm.

10, kitchen cabinet design should also pay attention to leaving a certain position for the socket, the socket between the countertop and the hanging cabinet should be a certain distance from the sink, the socket of the refrigerator needs to be installed on the side or upper side of the main wall.


 11. When designing a kitchen cabinet, the functional partition of the kitchen cabinet must also be considered, and the functional partition of the kitchen cabinet should be clearly divided according to a certain logic. We can divide the functional area of ​​the kitchen cabinet clearly according to the type of space in the kitchen, which also facilitates our daily cooking.


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