Correctly Deal With The Rust Problem Of Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet


In general, stainless steel used in the Stainless Steel […]

In general, stainless steel used in the Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet has a strong anti-oxidation function, namely: stainless. It also can resist corrosion in media containing acids, bases, and salts, namely: corrosion resistance.

However, the degree of corrosion resistance varies with the chemical composition of the steel itself, the processing state, the conditions of use, and the type of environmental medium. For example, 304 stainless steel has excellent rust resistance in a dry and clean atmosphere, but it will be rusted when it is moved to the seashore where there is a lot of salt in the atmosphere. Therefore, not every type of stainless steel can rust in any environment. Here are some considerations for proper use of stainless steel laundry cabinets:

1. The renovated house should pay attention to window ventilation, avoid the corrosive gas emitted by the decoration materials, and damage the protective film on the stainless steel surface.

2. After using the laundry cabinet, dry it with a dry cloth and do not leave water droplets on the surface. High-iron content water may cause some stainless steel surfaces to form brown-red stains.

3. The retained moisture can cause mineral deposits to occur. In this case, a low concentration of vinegar solution can be used to remove this deposit and finally completely cleaned with water.

4. When cleaning some dead corner dirt of stainless steel bathroom products, avoid using a steel brush or rough texture brush to avoid scratching the surface.

5, stainless steel bathroom products such as laundry cabinets, usually use a neutral detergent when cleaning the surface, gently scrub.