China Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturer Shares The Installation Method Of The Sink Drainer


Today, the China Stainless Steel Sink   manufacturer wi […]

Today, the China Stainless Steel Sink   manufacturer will share the installation method of the stainless steel sink drainer in the kitchen:


1. Install the drainpipe of the overflow hole

The overflow hole is a protection hole for avoiding the overflow of the water tank. Therefore, when installing the water pipe under the overflow hole, pay attention to the sealing property of the joint with the tank body, and ensure that the water pipe of the overflow hole does not leak water.


2. Install the drainpipe of the filter basket

When installing the downpipe under the filter basket, pay attention to the connection between the water pipe and the tank body, not only to be firm but also to be sealed.


3. Install the overall drain

Usually, people buy a tank with two filter baskets, but the distance between the two sewer pipes is very close. When the workers are installed, the matching drain pipes will be cut according to the actual situation. At this time, pay attention to each interface. The seal between the two, the common water leakage problem occurs at these junctions.


4. Install the hanging piece reinforcement groove

After the sink is placed on the countertop, it is necessary to install a matching hanging piece between the trough and the countertop, and the sink is firmly installed to avoid the small gap causing the trough to shake from side to side.


5. Carry out the drainage test

After the basic installation is completed, the filter basket is also installed, and the next experiment is started. When doing the drainage test, it is necessary to fill the water tank with water and test the drainage of the water from the two filter baskets and the overflow hole. When draining, if there is any water seepage, you should immediately rework to ensure that it will not be used in the future.


6. Sealing around the tank

After the drainage test is completed, the sink can be sealed with no problems. When sealing with silicone, ensure that the gap between the sink and the table is even and there is no water seepage.


7. Complete the sink installation

After the edge banding is completed, the installation of the sink will be completed smoothly. Although the sink is small, because it is used more frequently, the connection installation of each sewer is more critical.