China Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturer Introduces The Role Of The Sink To The Water Hole


The main function of the sink to remove water holes is […]

The main function of the sink to remove water holes is to drain. So what do you need to pay attention to when selecting the water drain hole in the sink? The following China Stainless Steel Sink manufacturer will summarize it:


1. Remove the shape of the water hole. Most of the water tanks on the market are rounded to the water hole, and some of the different water holes also account for a part.

The round is more popular. The water removal hole needs to be equipped with the water supply component, and it is convenient to replace it later.

The circular dewatering hole will form a circular slope when punching the water hole, which is beneficial to the local drainage. The square water removal hole, because of the structure, the four sides of the square are flattened to each other, which will cause Remove water from the water hole and collect water. Because it is necessary to pad a rubber pad when installing the water purifier at the water hole position, it will not be noticed. Sometimes the faint smell in the sink is also related to whether or not the location is contaminated.


2. The size of the water hole.

The size of the water removal hole of the stainless steel sink is two in comparison with the conventional one.

The first is the domestic 110 outer diameter, 90 inner diameters.

The other is the 114 outer diameter and 90 inner diameters of the foreign trade export.

Why is the water hole in the domestic sink is 110 outer diameter and the foreign trade outlet is 114 outer diameter? Anyone who has studied the garbage processor can find that basically, all foreign brands of garbage processors require that the outer diameter of the sink drain hole is 114mm, because the outer diameter cover of their garbage processor is this size, and it is also according to their country. The sink aperture is made.

So here is a question of fit, the fit of the sink drain hole and the waste processor aperture. So we need to study it carefully before we know it.