Brushed Stainless Steel Sink Process, Success Or Failure Of Details


 The problem of drawing stainless steel sinks is common […]

 The problem of drawing stainless steel sinks is common in sinks with poor workmanship. The second point that is easier to distinguish is the stitching and drawing. Therefore, it is also brushed, and there is still a doorway. The expensive and cheap ones can still be compared. Now the surface of the sink is better drawn, but now basically more than 80% of the stainless steel sink brand products on the market are treated by wire drawing. This makes people puzzled. Since they are all brushed, there must be a difference between good and bad! Stainless steel sink manufacturer & Ningbo Afa Kitchen & Bathroom Co., Ltd. will tell you today how to look at the workmanship of stainless steel sink through drawing details:

 1. Uneven thickness
The drawing of the sink is uneven, and the drawing is really good. The filaments are uniform in thickness. We can clearly see that the thickness in the upper left is uniform and the surface in the upper right is uneven. The uniform thickness of the surface of the sink is beautiful and atmospheric. The uneven thickness does not only affect the aesthetics. At the same time, it feels that the texture is poor and rough, but it is easy to hide dirt and dirt.

2, stitching and drawing
Splicing and drawing, the treated sink is excessively natural at the junction of the wall and the bottom of the sink, and the poorly treated sink has obvious splicing marks at the junction. This is mainly due to the immature drawing process or the first drawing Good stainless steel plate, and secondary splicing caused by stamping the water tank, will greatly affect the appearance.


3.No drawing at the corners
There is no drawing at the corners, and the well-made sinks also have silky texture at the corners. However, due to the limitation of the process, the sink with ordinary production technology cannot use the drawing tools to handle the corners, or to save time, simply handle the corners.
4.The gloss is dull after drawing
 Contrast gloss of the sink. Generally, the surface of the stainless steel after brushing is soft and bright, not dazzling, but it will not dim. It is not easy to adsorb oil stains, and it is not easy to leave water stains. For some sinks that are not well-drawn, after the surface is drawn, the surface reflection is different due to the unevenness of the surface.

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